Hook Up Fees

        $5,100.00         Standard Hookup (+$110 for lid mount)

        $5,700.00         Road Bore

       $5,700.00 +      Highway Bore + costs to meet government requirements


Billing Information

ALL BILLING CHARGES ARE MAILED OUT THE LAST WORKING DAY OF EACH MONTH. ALL CHARGES BILLED TO YOU ARE DUE BY THE 15TH OF THE MONTH.   A late fee will be assessed on the 16th.  There will be $10.00 Service charge for any NSF transactions

FOLLOWING A DISCONNECTION NOTICE, Under the rules and regulations adopted by Cass County Rural Water District No. 2, Cass County, Nebraska, all water bills which have not been paid within 30 days after the due date (the 5th of each month) shall result in discontinuance of the service.  If there is no payment made the water will be shut off and a $50 fee assessed for the shut off.  If an unauthorized person turns the water back on, the meter will be physically removed until full payment is received.  In order to have the water turned back on all back amounts, including the $50 shut off fee, and a $50 turn on fee will have to be paid in full.  If there is no payment within 30 days after the water has been turned off, the meter will be physically removed from the pit.  If water is requested after the 30 days, all back charges and fees will have to be paid as well as a $600 reconnect fee.


For further questions:  Our office is located in Elmwood at 108 South 4th Street.  Office hours are:  Monday - Thursday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm, Friday 7:00 am - 1:00pm. 
Office Phone:  402-994-2555

ACH Authorization

Download the ACH Authorization Form